Impressive start to the 2017 BC Graded series for GSC swimmers!

The first BC graded meet hosted by Bluefin SC of 2017 was held on Saturday 11th February in Kingfisher Club NUIG and proved to be an impressive meet for the competing GSC swimmers.

These impressive results on a super night in the pool included 7 A graded times, multiple B and C podium finishes and PB times by the 28 strong team.

A Grade times were achieved in the 100 Breaststroke in the Girls U11 Age-group by Gillian Murphy & Katie Waters & Boys U11 Age-Group by Ross Bradley, while in the U11 Girls 200 Backstroke, Gillian Murphy and Katie Waters were joined by Marija Giedraityte and Ciara Davitt achieving superb new A Grade time standards.

B Grade podiums were achieved in the 100 Breaststroke by Ciara Davitt (3rd/U11 Girls), Martin Mitchell (2nd/U13 Boys); in the 200 Backstroke by Maria NicDhonnacha (1st/U13 Girls), Cillian McCullough (2nd/U11 Boys), Martin Mitchell (1st /U13 Boys), while in the last event of the night the 50/100 Butterfly, there were B Grade podiums for Anouska Vinod (3rd/U13 100 Fly).

C Grade podiums were achieved by in the 100 Breaststroke by Cillian McCullough (1st/U11 Boys), John O’Sullivan (3rd/U11 Boys), Vlad Chizhevski (3rd/U13 Boys); in the 200 Backstroke by Sophie Lally (1st/U11 Girls), Erin Smyth (3rd/U11 Girls), Nina Bodamer (2nd/U13 Girls), Vlad Chizhevski (2nd /U13 Boys), while in the 50/100 Butterfly, there were C Grade podiums for Alison Madden (3rd/U11 Girls), John O’Sullivan (2nd/U11 Boys) & Ross Bradely (3rd/U11 Boys), Eva Shaughnessy (2nd/U13 Girls) & Martin Mitchell, Vlad Chizhevski & Conor Burke made it a 1,2,3 in the U13 Boys C grade podium category.

This concluded a very successful & rewarding BC meet for GSC’s younger generation of swimmers & GSC would like to extend sincere thanks to Team Managers Michelle and Anne-Marie for their brilliant work on the night supporting the team and a big thanks to Coaches Gwen, Magda & Brian for their coaching tutelage to the swimmers during a very busy night of racing.

G.S.C Annual General Meeting

Galway Swimming Club’s Annual General Meeting will be held in the Galway Bay Hotel on February 28th 2017 at 7.45pm. All G.S.C members are welcome!!

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