Team Manager

Team Manager & Timekeeping Roles

We are obliged to appoint qualified team managers (garda vetted, Safeguarding Children Level 1 and Team Managers Level 1) for all galas and other officials such as timekeepers.  Volunteer timekeepers will generally be sought in the week prior to the gala, either for the whole gala or on a session-by-session basis (i.e. a different person for each gala session).

Timekeeping responsibilities can be evenly shared among the parents.  The first day is the hardest but you will always be placed alongside an experienced timekeeper who can show you the ropes.

Swim Ireland provide courses in the region in respect of Team Manager and Timekeeper duties.  Please refer to the Education tab on for further details.


The role of the team manager can be summarised as follows:


  1. The team manager is available to assist the coach in regard to administrative and other

matters. He/she should be in the vicinity of the pool for the duration of the gala session, including the full warm-up, and should make his/her presence known to the coach at an early stage. In practice, this assistance might involve:

  • Checking attendance of swimmers prior to commencement of gala,
  • Assisting coach in ensuring swimmers are registered for their appropriate events,
  • Arranging scratches from the programme on the coach’s instruction,
  • Liaising with gala officials in relation to any issues,
  • Liaising with parents to address other roles needed to be filled by the club e.g. timekeeping,
  • Assisting coach in timing splits and recording results,
  • Checking results sheets to establish if swimmers qualify for finals,
  • Keeping the area around the team tidy, being respectful to & enforcing pool rules,
  • Encouraging additional parents to follow the gala from the spectator area.


  1. The team manager is responsible for the team of swimmers for the duration of gala session. They should ensure that:
  • Swimmers are attentive to the coach’s instructions and report back for post race feedback.
  • Swimmers drink fluids little and often to stay properly hydrated,
  • Swimmers try to eat as soon as possible after swims while being aware of the time to the next swim,
  • Swimmers present themselves for their events – this can be a particular problem where there is a large number of younger swimmers at a gala,
  • Swimmers keep their belongings in a tidy manner and tidy up any rubbish from the area.
  1. The manager should be aware of any medical needs of the swimmers.
  2. The team manager represents the club, in regard to non-swimming matters, for the duration of the gala session, to Swim Ireland officials, host club officials, parents, swimmers, representatives of other clubs etc.


See the link below for the Swim Ireland Team Manager Pathway programme.

Team Manager Pathway

The G.S.C Secretary, G.S.C Membership Secretary and G.S.C Head Coach have a full list of qualified Team Managers, Time Keepers and Officials.