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Updated April 16th 2018:

PIA Coordinator;  Trisha Murphy, Email; GSCPIACOORDINATOR@GMAIL.COM


Under Swim Ireland [SI] rules it is a requirement for a parent to be present at poolside for all swimming sessions where there are swimmers under 18 in the pool. This is a very important requirement designed to protect swimmers and coaches and requires strict adherence at all times.

Unfortunately there are too many instances of swimming sessions where the parent rostered for pool duty has not turned up. This is unacceptable as it places both swimmers and coaches at risk, in addition to attracting sanctions from Swim Ireland


  • 1 weeks prior to the start of each calendar month, the PIA roster for the coming month shall be posted on the GSC Website. A notice of the change in PIA roster shall also be posted on Facebook and by text alert.
  •  It is the responsibility of all parents to take note of the times that they are rostered and to ensure that they, or a surrogate, attend these sessions.
  • If a parent cannot attend a session for which they are rostered, it is their responsibility to get another parent to cover their pool duty for them. Do not assume that another parent will fill the void.
  • Club and Swim Ireland rules clearly that the coach may not run sessions without the presence of a second adult at poolside. This rule will be strictly adhered to and the session will be cancelled if the rostered parent (or surrogate) does not show up.
  • When you drop your children at the pool please ensure to check that the session is going ahead before driving off.
  • In the event that the rostered parent, or their surrogate, does not show, the coach may ask another parent present to provide PIA cover, so as to avoid cancelling the session.
  •  Post training, the coach will provide details of the rostered parent who did not fulfill their PIA obligations to the GSC Secretary by email to galwayswimsecretary@gmail.com
  • The GSC Secretary will enforce the proportional sanctions below as approved at AGM Sept 25th, 2017.


  • 1st instance: 2nd instance: 3rd instance:
  • Annually: 1 Sept – 31 August
  • Reprimand – verbal or written. Written Warning and €20 Fine. Final Written Warning and €50 Fine.
  • 4th instance: Report to CDC for suspension of swimming privileges and disciplinary action.


Swim Ireland’s Supervision­ Policy­ 2010


  • The coach must be able to rely on the PIA being present.
  • The PIA shall arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled training session.
  • Collect the PIA folder from the reception desk at the swimming venue.
  • The PIA shall admit and count the GSC swimmers poolside.


  • The PIA shall introduce him/herself to the coach.
  • The PIA shall position themselves to enable a full view and hearing of the pool
  • area where possible; note that this can be impaired by sitting high up in a stand
  • or behind protective screens or glass.
  • The PIA shall not interfere with the coaching or teaching of the session.
  • If the parent/supervisor has any concerns these should be brought to the Club
  • Children’s Officer galwaysccco1@gmail.com, or galwaysccco2@gmail.com or dealt with immediately if a child is in imminent danger.
  • The PIA should note any early departures from the training session.
  • The PIA shall attend to a child’s needs if the child feels ill or has difficulty with goggles etc so as to allow the coach freedom to get on with the session.
  • In cases of emergency, help the coach by being an extra adult to supervise children or to assist with a response to the emergency.


  • Parents/guardians should be aware that changing facilities may be shared by both Swim Ireland members and members of the general public and as such it therefore may not be possible to provide supervision in all venues.
  • Where supervision is to be provided, it shall be in the open changing area of
    the pool venue where the PIA may observe the good conduct of GSC swimmers.
  • The PIA shall not go into individual cubicles.
  • The PIA shall not get involved in disciplining a swimmer.
  • In an emergency circumstance the safety and well­being of a child must be considered above all else.
  • There may be circumstances where children need extra assistance, in which
  • case supervision in pairs of the appropriate gender is advised.


  • The PIA shall remain on duty until all the children are collected after the training session.
  • Record any incidents they observed during the training session in the parent in attendance sheet
  • Record any reports given to them by coaches or
  • A major incident should be recorded in the Incident form located in the PIA folder, placed in the accompanying envelope and left in the PIA folder.
  • The incident should also be reported to a committee member whose telephone numbers are in the file.
  • Sign the parent in attendance sheet and return the GSC folder to reception
  • The PIA shall note any problems that occur and where necessary refer child related issues to the Club Children’s Officer galwaysccco2@gmail.com and all other significant issues to the GSC secretary galwayswimsecretary@gmail.com
  • Return the PIA folder to the reception desk.

The parent- in- attendance sheets are important club records and should not be removed from the folder.

Many thanks for your cooperation with this Swim Ireland directive.

Other useful information;

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