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Dinner ideas for young competitive swimmers

Dinner ideas for young competitive swimmers May 11, 2016 Swim Parents To keep finding dinner ideas to help support young swimmers can be difficult. Also, what sort of dinner your child needs will largely...

Breakfast ideas for young competitive Swimmers

One thing swim parents soon learn to live with is higher shopping bills. Swimmers are renowned for having huge appetites. A good breakfast will set them up for the day, so what you need are a few breakfast ideas for your young swimmers

Nutrition for the Adolescent Athlete

Ask any parent of a teenager and they probably have a colourful story of just what happens to the fridge when their sons and daughters arrive home from a hard day at school. Perhaps they have been asked to pack more into the lunchbox, or they notice the sly bowl of cereal consumed after dinner. Add to that the considerable load that many adolescents are put under in organised sport, and you can see that it can be quite a job to fuel a teenager, let alone a teenage athlete……..

5 Quick Nutrition Tips for Competitive Swimmers

We know that nutrition plays a critical role in performance in the pool, just as important a factor as your sleeping habits. If you consider yourself as the finely tuned machine that you are then you know that putting low grade fuel into a high performance machine means you are short-changing your potential.

Quick and easy breakfast on the go

Make Ahead Egg Muffins Make Ahead Egg Muffins. The perfect on-the-go breakfast all week long! PRINT or PIN: Posted by Spend With Pennies on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

10 Foods for Faster Swimming

Swimming fast requires intense physical and mental exertion, which is all the more reason for competitive swimmers to focus on what goes into their bodies.

How to Prevent Muscle Cramps While Swimming

Muscle cramps are a common condition experienced by competitive swimmers over the course of their swimming career. Here is what you need to know about preventing muscle cramps for swimmers.
They are the worst…